Lost Canyon Zipline Tours

zip-lineDon’t let your Colorado adventure stop at whitewater rafting! Book your zipline tour with us today!

Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park is located in the Lost Canyon, several miles east of the high mountain town of Salida, Colorado. The setting is not only scenic, it is dramatic with its towering, colorful cliffs and vistas of the surrounding mountains and the Arkansas River. History abounds here–relics from the region’s mining past are located throughout the property. The location is also rich in wildlife, all the critters one would expect in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour consists of 7 cables — 6 exciting, high-flying cable rides between 200-700 feet in length and a practice (Bunny Zip) cable that is 80 feet long. The Bunny Zip is only 5 feet off the ground, allowing our zipline “trainees” to have their feet on the ground anytime they assume a standing position. The zipline tour cables, however, are stretched over a rocky canyon some 150-200 feet deep.

There are hiking trails between the take-off and landing platforms; these vary from 40-670 feet long over rocky ground. The trails are not difficult, however Guests should be in reasonable physical shape. This adventure has a high “thrill to skill” ratio–it is like bowling or billiards in that most anyone can do it, but it takes a little instruction and practice. Ziplines are nothing like roller coasters or bungee jumping…they are scary!

The tour takes ~2.5 hours and 1/2 hour of round-trip travel and trip preparation. Tour duration is longer with larger groups, with those of 20-40 Guests taking as long as 4+ hours.

Please call 800-723-8987 to book your zipline adventure.


Zipline tours start just east of Salida, Colorado: 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. Although the Visitor’s Center address is Salida, some refer to this area as “WELLSVILLE.” You will be turning off Highway 50 and onto a dirt road–County Road 7–at the small road sign that says “WELLSVILLE.” Drive over the bridge and for .91 miles where you turn slightly Right, onto County Road 45. (If coming from the east, such as the Canon City or Colorado Springs areas, do NOT turn onto CR 45 at Howard...it dead ends at the river! You must go to WELLSVILLE, turn onto CR 7 and then onto CR 45.) Our Visitor’s Center is .66 miles down the road and is on your Right.