Whitewater Rafting

Group Whitewater Rafting

This page is designed to help you plan a Colorado whitewater rafting trip for your group. Please use this page to begin developing your customized group whitewater rafting experience!

The first step you will need to make as the whitewater rafting trip leader is to determine the whitewater rafting trip that best meets the rafting criteria of your group.

Important considerations while developing your group’s whitewater rafting trip.

White Water Rafting in Colorado

#1 – Make sure that you select a Colorado whitewater rafting trip that is acceptable for everyone in the group. Will you have families in your group? Do you have first timers in your group?

#2 – Choose the length of your whitewater rafting trip. At Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting we have a variety of trips from half to multi-day. Consider your groups travel times, departure times, and any “special” needs of your group.

#3 – Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting will be happy to send a Group organizer kit to help you understand and arrange your whitewater rafting group. Each group organizer kit will have whitewater rafting trip descriptions, a group sign up sheet to help with participant information, a list of what to bring on your whitewater rafting trip, along with brochures, magnets and pictures to allow you a complete picture of your group’s whitewater rafting experience! We also have a video that shows whitewater rafting pictures and photos.

#4 – Call and make your Colorado whitewater rafting reservation! One of our reservation specialists will help you establish the best pricing for you and your whitewater rafting group. If you have a large group (50-300) and are looking for a weekend whitewater rafting trip, it’s best to get your reservation in before early (April). If you have a small group (8-45) you will have flexibility to make your reservation later in the spring.

FAQ’s for groups?

Q: Which Colorado whitewater rafting trip would be a good choice for our group if we are first time rafters?

Buffalo Joe Says: The two whitewater rafting trips that are designed for first timers are the Brown’s Canyon and Big Horn sheep Canyon trips. Both whitewater rafting trips are available in half day and full day trips, and both whitewater rafting trips leave daily throughout the summer!

Q: Which whitewater rafting trip(s) provide high adventure?

Buffalo Joe Says: The two Colorado whitewater rafting trips that provide high adventure are the Numbers and the Royal Gorge trips. Both of these whitewater rafting trips are perfect for the group looking for continuous waves, technical maneuvers, and big hydraulics! Call one of our whitewater rafting specialists today to set up your rafting reservation.
*Both of these stretches of whitewater are rationed, and only a certain number of rafts are allowed each day.

Q: Will I get a free trip for organizing my whitewater rafting trip?

Buffalo Joe Says: Yes! Each group organizer will get a whitewater rafting trip free of charge! Depending on the size of your whitewater rafting group, you might qualify for additional free trips.

Q: What kind of discount will my whitewater rafting group receive?

Buffalo Joe Says: Buffalo Joe’s Colorado Whitewater Rafting offers the best group discounts on the Arkansas River! The discount will depend on the size of your group, but you can plan on a 10%-20% discount for your whitewater rafting group. Call one of our whitewater rafting specialists to see which discount will apply for your whitewater rafting group.

Please feel free to contact Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting with any additional questions about your Colorado whitewater rafting trip. We have a reservation specialist available every day from 8am – 6pm (MST) to answer questions about the area, or your whitewater rafting trip. Please feel free to give us a call!