Experienced Guides Employment Info

Thank you for your interest in working at Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting as an experienced guide. We have the most experienced and best crew on the Arkansas River! When you work for Buffalo Joe’s you can be sure that you will find an outdoor loving crew that will have you challenging yourself all summer. Whether you are rafting the Arkansas, kayaking a Lake Creek waterfall, or screaming down the Midland Trail on your mountain bike, you will find that the Buffalo Joe team will test you every day!

Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting has positions available for experienced guides for the 2012 whitewater rafting season. As we mentioned on the home page, there is a limited number of positions available, so it is very important to make sure that you have all of the information listed below turned in ASAP.

To be considered for employment at one of our two offices we require all experienced guides to have the follow information in no later than April 1st 2012.

CPR – Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting requires that CPR is renewed once every year.

First Aid – A valid First Aid Card- which must be renewed every three years. Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting offers additional pay increases for more extensive first aid training.

Guide Logs – All guide records must be completed and signed, ideally by your previous manager. We will also need a summary of your total river miles and approximate on water hours.

River Gear – Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting requires that every experienced guide has a list of the following items.

  • Life Jacket (Coast Guard Approved)
  • River Knife
  • Helmet
  • Watch – with stop watch that can be taken on the river
  • Whistle
  • Guide Stick
  • Various sized fleece jackets and hats
  • Flip Line
  • 3-5 Carabineers
  • Dry Bag for Personal Gear
  • Dry Bag for Guests Gear

Why our guides like working at Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting:

  • Young owners make the company very “guide friendly”
  • The size of our company (top 5 on the Arkansas River) allows them to have plenty of work
  • Video Program at the most popular bar in town
  • One of the highest pay scales in the industry
  • Outdoor active company
  • Highest % of Kayakers in the industry
  • Location -only rafting company in Buena Vista

I hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming season. If you are interested in becoming part of the Buffalo Joe Crew, fill out the on-line application (link to app page) and make sure that you have all items requested above in line by April 1st 2012. We would recommend that you start the application process in late February to insure that you are at the top of the list. As we mentioned above, it is important to get all of your information in ASAP to insure that you will have a spot for the 2012 season.

Thanks again for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the river this summer!